What to Expect

What to Expect

Posted by Kathryn C. on Nov 10th 2020

If you are reading our second blog post you’re either related to us (hi mom!), are procrastinating at work (I see you Jeffrey!) or perhaps you are genuinely curious how our beer education is going! Either way we are happy you are here and I would like to take some time to give you a rundown of what to expect with these Long Beach based Gifting blog posts. The majority of posts will be from Kari and I, and on occasion we might let one of the offspring (fur and otherwise) chime in if they have something relevant to say - but don’t count on it.

In my last post you got to know how and why Beer Wine & Twine - A Long Beach Gifting Company was born. I talked about my ironic love for living in this wonderful beach town. I also mentioned how I might lose my LBC Card if I don’t get into the brewery scene STAT. I hear that Snoop Dogg himself comes and snatches out of your hands - YIKES!

You might have also caught on that I am an outward processor by nature, I like to use a lot of words, so my thoughts tend to write like a run on sentence. Again, english was my second language -a term Kari doesn’t think I should use anymore- but I digress, I am sure she will tell you her side of it at some point. You will soon come to learn that I am also an information junkie. I can see myself geeking out on the history of and the science of beer and wine, gifts, gift design principles etc. I will often write about gifting trends I am seeing, hottest gifts for the season and the anatomy of great gift box or gift basket. It’s what I am good at so why not share the knowledge right?

Kari on the other hand is much more reserved. She likes to think before she speaks (bless her heart) and is more direct in her approach in that she gets to the point about 1200 words before I will. She’s more likely to just tell you what’s good and what isn’t along with a brief, but poignant, explanation as to why - whereas with me it becomes a hobby in persuasion. I am not sure what her approach will be but next post will be from her so let’s see what she has in mind. But now that you know our styles please feel free to filter by author if you like - no hard feelings, we promise! As long as you are finding the right gift for the right person, we don’t care who’s advice you prefer more.

As for frequency - well we are in the middle of our busiest season during a pandemic where the world as we knew it doesn’t exist anymore… so for now we are going to commit to once a month and as resources permit we can adjust if necessary. In the time being, we will be wrapping, prepping and shipping thousands of gifts to Long Beach, CA residents and beyond!