What I Know About Beer

What I Know About Beer

Posted by Kathryn C. on Nov 10th 2020

Here’s what I know about beer, there’s dark ones, there’s lighter colored ones - they’re called blondes right? So does that mean the dark brown ones are called brunettes and the light brown ones are called dirty blondes? I also know that there are beers that are lighter in the caloric sense - so are the beers that have more calories classified as “heavier”?

To say I don’t know much about beer is an understatement. A major one. So now that you know what I don’t know, let me tell you about some of the things I do know!

I know a lot about life in Long Beach, CA - which means its a mortal sin to not know -or at the very least - appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making a good beer. The Long Beach breweries here are top notch from what I am told - clearly I wouldn’t know that firsthand :) I have lived in this amazing beach city for nearly ten years now. The irony is that I used to be such an LA snob and looked down on Long Beach - but of course life happens and I ended up moving to Long Beach almost unwillingly. It didn’t take long before I realized this is one of the best places to live in Southern California. I came to to love the LBC lifestyle almost overnight. It’s only getting better too.

I also know a lot about gifting - gift design, gift fulfillment and gift strategies. In 2015 I founded a luxury gifting company; Tinsel & Bow which now focuses primarily on high end corporate gifts and consulting. However, I knew that there was still a huge market for the everyday kind of gifts. You know the gifts, the ones that are a click away from bringing a smile to a friend all the way across the country.

I also know that one of the most popular gifts year after year is alcohol. Because even if you don’t drink yourself, its one of the very few gifts that will do well as a re-gift. So out of all of this knowledge was born our new gifting company - just in time for the holidays too! We are proud to introduce Beer Wine & Twine - an LBC based gifting company that can be your source for all your gifting needs. Whether you want traditional gift baskets, more modern artisan gift boxes, small thank you gifts, themed gifts and holiday gifts - we can be your go to gifting source! If you are a CPG company we can design gifts with your products to attract more buyers!

If you are wondering who “we” are or if I am just bad at grammar (which is known to happen-English is my second language after-all), I will address that for you three grammar nerds :)

I am excited to share that the pro-noun change was intentional as I have a partner in this joint venture! Kari is both my partner in love and life and now in business too! She brings with her years of marketing, strategy and administration. It takes a village and we are excited to raise this child of ours along with you! Ok, ok, just so they don’t feel left out - we also have a human teenage daughter; Nattie - a freshman at Wilson High School (Go Bruins!) and two fur-children: Chico the one year-old rescue cat who thinks he’s a panther and our little Laney; a four year-old rescue cat who thinks she’s all that (which she is btw).

Oh yeah and what we don’t know about beer? We will learn and share with you along the way! Meanwhile, if there is a Long Beach brewery that wit a great tasting that we HAVE TO try - let us know in the comments!